With over 20 years of experience, MICROENDO provides top of the line endodontic supplies. 

Manufactured to the highest standards

Everything we sell was designed or tested by Dr. Stephen Ottosen, an endodontist and CE provider in Washington State. Dr. Ottosen knew the latest research findings and what he was seeing in his practice told him that cracked roots in endodontically treated teeth had become one of dentistry's biggest problems. It was time to do something about it!  All of the popular file systems remove excessive amounts of dentin and dramatically weaken the roots. Our system retains as much dentin as possible and provides a way to irrigate and obturate the canals ideally.

Our irrigation system is high tech yet low cost.

Our obturation system is simply the best and fastest!

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All of our endodontic equipment is:

  • Simple to use
  • Fully Tested
  • Meets or Exceeds ISO Standards
  • Professionally Distributed

The MicroEndo Difference



MicroEndo MicroFiles are designed to clean the canals in preparation for irrigation while maintaining maximum dentin for long term tooth strength and preservation.

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MicroEndo MicroIrrigators are designed to work in conjunction with small gauge irrigation needles to thoroughly clean the canals.

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MicroEndo MicroObturators are designed to allow complete 3-D obturation of very small canals.

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