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Medidenta Quarter Turn Endo
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It is generally accepted that endodontic files are only able to contact 60% of the canal wall surface during instrumentation (1).

To thoroughly clean the canal anatomy we are relying heavily on irrigation. Needle irrigation is very effective at cleaning the main canal corronal to the depth of needle placement (2).

A 31 gauge needle is 0.25 mm at the tip and can be inserted close to working length in most prepared canals. This provides good irrigant columnar flow.

Turbulant flow of irrigant is needed to reach anatomy that extends away from the main canal (3).

Sonic and ultrasonic metal and nonmetal points are effective at creating turbulence but they are not effective once they contact the canal wall (4). Metal ultrasonic instruments are prone to breakage. Ultrasonics can gouge the canal wall (5).

Erbium Yag lasers (6) and sound wave (7) irrigant activation systems are very effective but seldom used due to their high cost.

Blade or wing type rotary irrigation instruments have shown good results in research studies.(8).

The MicroIrrigator is “wing like” in cross section and has a twist down the long access. It is used in a reciprocating hand piece. This provides tremendous turbulence as well as rapid slight positive and negative pressure as a laser system provides. Combining the MicroIrrigator with needle irrigation provides  irrigation performance only seen with very costly and complex systems.

The MicroIrrigators come in several sizes (17, 22, 27, 32) to closely adapt to the prepared canal. The MicroIrrigators are non-cutting. They are made of a high quality Control Memory, heat treated NiTi alloy. These instruments are nearly unbreakable when used with the Medidenta reciprocating hand piece.

Made in U.S.A.

Patent pending.

Medidenta Quarter Turn Endo Handpiece

The Quarter Turn Endo is a perfect solution for reciprocating all latch type endodontic files. Equipped with a push-up latch head, you can easily and safely install / remove files from the head. The body is geared to reduce the speed of the motor 4 times and increase the torque. Attach this angle to any 20,000 rpm motor to run at 5,000 rpm.

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