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Ideal obturation is achieved with 3D adaptation of gutta percha to the canal anatomy and a thin layer of sealer between the G.P. and dentin (1).

The only way to adapt G.P. to complex anatomy is through heat and pressure. G.P. only conducts heat ~4mm. This has lead to various heating techniques. Most techniques involve placing a heated metal instrument into the G.P. and then packing the warmed G.P. with a smaller cool metal instrument. Unfortunately the root canal has to be enlarged to accommodate the metal heating and packing instruments. The instruments rarely reach the apical area in curved or small canals to provide a closely adapted G.P./sealer/dentin interface(2).

Carier based systems are widely used. They often do not provide a gutta percha apical seal (3). And the carrier provides a variety of challenges.

Mechanical (rotary) heating and compacting of gutta percha has been shown to be very effective (4). Warm gutta percha directly injected into the canal has been shown to provide excellent adaptation (5).

The MicroFlow technique, using the MicroObturators provides ideal 3-D adaptation of G.P. to canal anatomy with a thin sealer layer. This is the only system that completely adapts the obturation material to the canal shape regardless of how or if it was instrumented. Obturation times are very fast. The results are very consistent if proper technique is followed.

The MICROENDO MicroObturators are able to obturate very small canals. If Erbium Yag (PIPS) or multi sonic (Sonendo) systems of irrigation are used often no instrumentation is needed.

The MicroObturators are made of Control Memory, heat treated, NiTi alloy.

Made in U.S.A.

Patent Pending.

We recommend Schwed Easy Flow gutta percha. It is a low viscosity gutta percha that is formulated to provide ideal flow for ideal obturation. It comes in pellet form to be used with an Obtura or B & L Biotech type backfill device.

A 20 gauge obturation needle is recommended for coating the MicroObturators.

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